Grandmaster Dave

Grandmaster Dave Wheaton holds a 9th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido under Grandmaster Song Ok Hong and an 8th Dan in Chung Do Kwon Taekwondo under Grandmaster Tae Hee Yi (Lee). He is the founder of Hapkido International (1981) and was awarded the Golden Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001 by the World Karate Union Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Aside from teaching Black Belts and Fitness classes, GM Dave loves to spend time with his wife Master Mel, his dog Fletch, and his family - including 4 grandchildren. READ MORE

Teaching and training in the Martial Arts for over 50 years, Grandmaster Dave Wheaton is a revered Instructor, Mentor, and Coach to thousands of students across the country. His unique approach to mind/body training empowers his students to discover excellence within themselves and tap into their greatest potential.

Grandmaster Dave developed Dynamic Circle Hapkido, a formidable system of self-defense that trains students to instinctively respond with the appropriate measure of force required.