About Our Hapkido Program

Hapkido is an eclectic art centered around inner strength. Hapkido is well known throughout the world for it’s outstanding self-defense techniques. It uses the striking and kicking skills popular in styles like Tae Kwon Do and blends them with the ease and flow of arts like Aikido, using the opponent’s energy for personal power.


Class Schedule

We offer classes 5 days a week for all ranks - beginners and advanced. We recommend training 2 classes per week, so look below to see how these times work for you. Note: All trial classes must be scheduled in advance and can be made here.

Your Instructors

Learn directly from Grandmaster Dave and his hand chosen instructors at Martial Arts Family Fitness (MAFF). This school happens to be the world-headquarters for Hapkido International - (formed in 1981), responsible for training hundreds of Black Belts over the years.

History of Hapkido

Below is a brief history of the origins of Hapkido as we know it. You can click through this gallery and read the text below each photo.


Our Hapkido Classes



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