Martial Arts by Age Group

You wouldn’t put your kindergartner in a classroom with a bunch of 3rd graders. Why? Because learning happens best among peers of the same age. This is why we have specialized classes that are divided by age and by ability. The physical requirements grow as their bodies grow, and each program leads seamlessly into the next. Whether your son is 3 or your daughter is 8 - there is always a beginners class for them to jump into.

We are Building Leaders

Whenever we hear about a one of our students standing up for herself on the playground, or saying “no” to negative peer pressure, we are excited to talk about it in our classes. Young leaders aren’t just born. They are built. Parents, teachers, and yes - martial arts instructors all need to work together to help raise these kids to stand up for themselves and take care of others.

It’s Not About Fighting

Learning how to shake hands with an adult is just as important as knowing how to throw a front kick. Maintaining eye contact is as equally as important as a holding a low horse-riding stance. We learn how to fight - YES - but only so that we have the confidence NOT to fight.

Your Kids Instructors

Choosing a Martial Arts School

We love that there are a lot of dojos in Santa Barbara. In fact, we believe that there should be one on every street corner! We encourage you to do your due diligence so that you can find the one that best fits your family. Here is one dad’s story on how he found MAFF.

Class Schedule

We understand that families have very busy schedules. This is why we offer classes 5 days a week for each age group. Each of our programs recommend 2 classes per week, so look below to see how these times work for you. Note: All trial classes must be scheduled in advance and can be made here.



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