A Complete Body Workout

KUT (Kickboxers Ultimate Training) is a transformational group training program that is guaranteed to produce results in as little as 6 weeks! KUT integrates heart-zone conditioning, resistance training, core strengthening, and optional nutritional coaching and accountability to support your personal fitness goals. Beginner or elite athlete, you’re in the right place. Classes for this program are 7 days a week, with a variety of class times to choose from.


More than just Exercise

Not only is Kickboxing and Resistance Training the best possible workout for your body - it’s also teaching you a skill that you can use in real life. Most of our instructors are Black Belts or at the very least long-time kickboxers who will be passing on skills that could actually save your life one day. We have a number of stories of past fitness students who come back to thank us after defending themselves against rapists and thieves.


Watch Class in Action



We understand that you have work, friends and family to schedule around. This is why we offer classes 7 days a week. Look below to see if you can make it in at least 1x per week. Note: All trial classes must be scheduled in advance and can be made here.



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